May’s First Friday artist: Lauren Glick!


Meet Smooth’s May First Friday artist, Lauren Glick!

I studied art in SoCal at Cal State Channel Islands and recently moved up to Santa Cruz where I am settling into the art world. I primarily work with clay, oil paints, and graphite; even though I use many different art forms my artist and visual concerns are the same. Relationships with lines, shapes and body forms make and beautify my surfaces forming visually appealing subject matter. The visual dialogue shows communication and how I express myself in life.  Telling stories through song-like lines also creates forms to the human body. Movements of the human body communicates through body language without using verbal communication. Body language is a part of my life that I use to convey my feelings toward others. I believe body language is a big part of individualizing each human and their personal characteristics. If one wants to communicate well, one needs to know how to use their body to help say what they are intending to communicate.  Using lyrical lines creates vibrancy to my pieces and makes a positive atmosphere and content of the subjects in every piece that displays my positive outlook on life through the lyrical lines, forms and figures. Not only do I naturally paint in harmonious vocal forms, the elegance and decorative aspects of art nouveau, rococo and baroque art have influenced me to elaborate on my subconscious lines and forms. These art forms have elaborate and lavish aspects of design, which have influenced me on becoming the artist that I am.

Join us & Lauren herself on Friday, May 2nd from 6pm-9pm at Smooth Body Lounge for a fun filled night of art, music, drinks, & snacks! We hope to see you there!

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