Smooth On-the-Go!

So you want to throw a waxing and tanning party!

How it works:

  • We travel to your location, within 15 miles of Smooth Body Lounge, free of charge. For locations over 15 miles, please call us for custom rates.
  • $200 minimum waxing requirement.
  • For every $200 your guests spend on waxing, the host(ess) will receive $50 worth of complementary waxing.
  • Your credit card will hold your reservation and not be charged unless the party is cancelled or rescheduled with less than 48hr notice.
  • 2 Days prior to your party, you’ll be required to contact us with your number of guests & the services desired.

Here’s what we’ll need from you:

  • A well lit room, large enough to fit a massage table.
  • An electric outlet.
  • Small table for supplies.

Have fun with it!

We know, we know – waxing is super fun on it’s own! …but not everybody may think the same. Here’s some awesome themes and ideas we came up with to help jump-start that fun creative side:

  • Give it a cute name! Bubbly & Brazilians, Wine & Waxing, Sexy Skin & Sangria, Tropical Tanning, you get the idea.
  • If it’s before a trip, give the party a theme similar to your destination.
  • Pre-bachelorette parties.
  • A good ole’ fashion Girls Night In with a signature cocktail.
  • A clothing or accessories swap.
  • Bring in a caterer, grab your favorite take out, or make it a potluck.
  • Two words: Mimosa Bar! Champagne, mixers, & fruit. You can never go wrong with mimosas, trust us!

Contact us & schedule your Waxing and Tanning Party Today!
831.420.3262 or [email protected]