Women’s Waxing


We are Santa Cruz’s best Waxing Salon, come see us on the Westside of Santa Cruz close to local Wineries, and just minutes from UCSC. Remember Smooth is Sexy!


  • Brow Shaping: $20
  • Lip: $15
  • Chin: $15
  • Nostrils: $15
  • Jawline: $20
  • Complete Face: $45
  • Arm: $40
  • Half Arm: $20
  • Underarm: $20
  • Underarm Maintenance: $20
  • Neck: $15
  • Stomach: $15
  • Bikini: $30
  • Extended Bikini: $45
  • Brazilian: $60
  • Brazilian Maintenance: $55
  • Vajazzled Brazilian: $70
  • Vajazzles: $15
  • Full Leg: $65
  • Half Leg: $40
  • Full Leg & Extended Bikini: $99
  • Full Leg & Brazilian: $115

Lash & Brow Color Enhancing:

Brow: $20
Lash: $20
Brow & Lash: $40

Eyebrow Waxing

Visit Smooth’s Brow Bar and let us show you how wonderful an experience and how great your eyebrow waxing results can be. Ask one our waxing professionals to help you pick the eyebrow style best for your facial structure.

Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian Waxing is our specialty! When you come in for your Brazilian waxing we will include as much or as little of bikini area as you would like, including the back strip.

Feel free to bare it all!

Smooth proudly uses Cirepil waxes. a French wax, Cirepil has been recognized worldwide for over 30 years as the finest in professional depilatory products. Cirepil facilitates exceptional hair removal services from brows to Brazilians surpassing all expectations!

  • Cirepil maintains the integrity of skin.
  • The most trusted name in professional wax products!
  • Gentle low temperature wax, applied very close to skin temperature
  • Innovative shrink wrap technology surpasses all waxes on the market.
  • Less sticky and cleaner than traditional waxes.
  • The beauty to choose formula variations most suitable for your clients individual needs.
  • Easy to use, quick set up and gentle hair removal system.
  • Superior anti-irritant ingredients to ensure less inflammation.

Whether it’s their classic waxing formulas or our sophisticated new additions, Cirepil once experienced, never forgotten.